Values and Responsibility

Promoting leadership and the culture of continual quality improvements to create a high performance environment.

Mutual understanding and respect for indigenous people and local communities. We treat other with respect and dignity.

We respect the law and act accordingly. We are reliable and trustworthy in our transactions.

Actively reviewing client needs through dialogue. Making clients aware of new products and services.

Service excellence and commitment are the big motivational factors driving us to provide solutions to our clients drilling needs.


We shall conserve and protect Environmental resources through, amongst others, the efficient use of energy, water, minimising waste, preventing pollution and recycling. We shall respect people's culture and heritage.

We endeavor not to cause any damage to the environment in which we perform our operations be it on mine premises or private customers.

In the unfortunate event of a hydrocarbon spill we have the latest remedial biochemical products on site to breakdown these hydrocarbons.

We comply with any environmental regulations stipulated by any of our customers.

Health & Safety

Trio Drilling endeavor to achieve the goal of zero incidents & injuries!

It is of utmost importance for us to ensure a safe environment for our employees, fellow contractors and any person in the vicinity or our operations.

We comply with all Health and Safety regulations stipulated in our contractual agreements with our customers.

The safety of our people is an area on which we do not compromise. All our employees are well trained and constantly reminded to keep their work environment safe and tidy.

Management is accountable for preventing workplace injuries and illnesses.

To date Trio Drilling has had no significant safety incidents and the entire team is committed to uphold this achievement.

Safety at TRIO DRILLING is a state of mind.

We currently have a 4 year fatal incident free record.

Our People

Team TRIO Drilling is our biggest asset and we make every attempt to keep the team healthy and motivated .Regular medical examinations are part of the culture and each team is given a weekly ration which has been carefully selected to ensure a balanced meal every day. No compromises are made on Personal Protective Equipment and not only do Trio Drilling supply our people with the best available Personal Protective Equipment we also replace their Personal Protective Equipment on a regular basis.


Training is a golden tread that runs through the entire company and our people take pride in sharing and transforming their skills to their colleagues. A large component of our labour force started at Trio Drilling with limited skills and acquired the relevant skills through a well defined and monitored training program. Each individual determines the pace at which he wonders down his career path.


letter of good standing
BBBEE Certificate
Tax Clearance Certificate