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Trio Drilling, is a leading provider of drilling services in Africa. The range of services is extensive and includes from water well drilling to percussion and exploration.

Not only are we leaders in the industry, but also rank amongst the largest drilling operators on the continent. With solid relationships with some of the largest mining companies globally, a strong team, and superior quality equipment we are able to take on and complete projects on large scale.

The main categories of drilling offered include that of:

We furthermore provide add-on services such as full camp facility set-up and management as well as drill program planning and development.

Reverse Circulation

It involves the drilling of test holes to evaluate the contents of the soil in a specific geographical location with the purpose of assessing whether materials present are of value and sufficient quality to justify further mineral and mining operations. We for instance, offer exploration drills for coal, diamonds, and other valuable resources.

A variety of systems and techniques are used depending on the particular geographical area, purpose of drilling, depth, and deposits including:

Reverse circulation involves the returning of drill cuttings to the surface inside the drill rods. The system entails the usage of a hammer that drives a tungsten steel drill bit. With the RC method we can reach depths of up to 500 meters and produce dry rock chips. The method is slower than RAB drilling, but because of its penetration ability, it is the preferred choice when it comes to general mineral exploration.

Core Drilling

The method is used when a cylinder of material must be removed and used in applications where the drill core bits must be preserved or where more rapid drills can take place if less material needs to be removed. It is one of the preferred methods in construction for the drilling of manholes and pipes.

The method is also used extensively in mineral exploration where the coring may need to be up to thousands of feet in length. Recovery of the samples is followed by geological examination to determine the percentage present and to identify the stratigraphic contact points. Information is used by mining houses to determine viability of sites.

A variety of drill services is offered including:

Geotechnical Drill Services

Typical drill services for geotechnical purposes include that of:

Top Notch Core Drilling Contractors

A world-class management team leads the company and with several accolades already forming part of our award portfolio, we have earned our place amongst the top drilling companies in the world. View the services page for an overview of the full spectrum of services offered.